BMW E30 The Engine Modifying

You’ll find here a list of performances upgrades for the bmw 3 series (body e30) M42 engine, mainly for your vehicle, and the best part is – it will not burn a hole in your pocket. Certainly you want your 318iS to really fly on the street, these are the things you need to do:

Computer chip – most easy, basic and inexpensive modification for your vehicle. Chip tuning usually run about 2 or 3 handreds dollars and are very easy to install. A chip on a stock M42 will bump the horsepower from 135 to 145 hp. The low-end torque is increased too. It also increases the powerband of the engine, from 4600-6000 to 4500-6700.

Flywheel – A major problem with the m42 engine was that it had BMW’s ‘dual-mass’ flywheel; yes, it weighs almost twice as much as a 325i flywheel (as the name would suggest). This is a big problem of m42. Do you understand why your 318iS’s 0-60 was so slow? Well, the flywheel is the reason. There are 2 options to fix this: replace with 325i flywheel/clutch or find an aluminum flywheel (about $700 but is very light, and requires no modification). The 325i flywheel