Inspect Before Buying Car

You should carry out the inspection on a sunny day when you can properly see the car and all its components. Always look for any irregularities that can be detected at the very first glance itself including the headlights, front bumper, side turn indicators, windscreen wipers, grille, boot, wheel arches and windows. If you spot major damages including big boot dents or visible bumper joints, it is better to start your search process afresh.

You should always physically inspect a used car before purchasing wherever possible. Check the car panels for any paint differences. A surface that has been repainted will always shine a lot more than the rest of the surface if the car is old. Also check for paint on the bolts and joint. Check the corners and joints for any signs of rust. Modifications like raised up suspension, bent pipes, air filters and customized exhausts should be carefully scanned. Check for underbody rust and inspect the plastic casing and door joints. Take out the spare tyre and lift the carpet floor in the boot and also check the metal sheet floor below the spare wheel. Check the roof properly for signs of damage.

All tyres should ideally be of the same brand and check the year and make of the tyre in question. Compare the age of the tyres with the age of the car. You should check for any repaint jobs under the hood. Check the engine oil levels when the car is cold by taking the transmission dipstick and inserting it on the side mounting of the engine. The ideal engine oil level should go up to the second pointer which is ‘full’ and the oil color should be transparent. You should also check the brake fluid levels and make sure that the level reaches the maximum level as indicated on the reservoir. The color of the fluid should be light and not overtly dark. The coolant should be checked when the car is cold and not running. Ensure that the clutch wire that is affixed to the clutch pedal has ample free play.

This will ensure soft and smooth usage of the clutch. You can ask any friend or someone else to sit inside the vehicle and repeatedly press the clutch pedal when the car is stationery and the ignition is turned off. This will make the clutch wire run in a horizontal kind of motion. If it is not moving properly, you should immediately ask for a replacement. Check the interiors and all other switches and electrical equipment to ascertain whether the same is working or not. Check the air conditioner and also the wipers. Check the steering wheel to see if it feels right.