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How to automotive Consulting

An automotive industry is basically a unit that deals in the manufacturing of automobiles. All the work like designing automobiles, manufacturing it, marketing it etc. are undertaken by this industry. If you are starting up with a new industry then you may require a number of different resources which can help you understand the market entry strategy or know other aspects. This is where automotive consultants can help you. They can help you get reports and information which can help you improve your business as well.

How automotive Consulting help us in automotive Market
Managing an automotive industry without any external help is not easy as there are many things which influence it. Therefore in order to recognize these things, you can hire automotive consultants who can provide you with automotive market research and can come up with customized solution for all your problems. They can provide you with market entry strategy which can help you get the required information about the industry.

The automotive consulting provide you with:

  • Customer analysis may also be required by you as it helps you to recognize your target clients and focus your production on them.
  • Market analysis for an efficient automobile industry, it is important that you have a good market analysis. It is not possible for you to do so by yourself as it is time taking and requires in depth research. The consultants have good automotive market research with them and you can simply contact them to get the same.
  • The automotive consultants can also help you plan your growth strategy which can help you improve your industry. They can help you introduce changes which can earn you good profit and can also help you stay competitive.
  • Once you have delivered your results to your costumer, you also need to get reports on customer satisfaction so that you may be able to judge your own work. Here again the consultants can help you know about the same and can get you the result.
  • When providing you with the solutions related to the automotive industry, the consultants also deal with the risk assessment which allows you to understand the industry well and work according to it.

Best Car Repair Shop

auto-repairHere at High Octane Automotive, we provide complete Automatic Transmission services from routine adjustments and servicing to the most complex troubleshooting and complete replacements. First, we want to thank you for considering making our shop yours for auto repair and maintenance.  There are many different reasons that our customers like doing business with us, so we thought we would list a few for your review.

In the automotive industry, there is only one nationally recognized institution that evaluates the knowledge of automotive service professionals, that is the ASE (The Institute for Automotive Service Excellence).  The ASE tests and certifies automotive service technicians (Mechanics) and others inside of car repair shop Winnetka companies.  The ASE also has a very elite status for highly qualified shops — The ASE Blue Seal of Excellence.  This means that the shop employs ASE Master and ASE Certified Technicians to a very high level.

Proudly, High Octane Automotive is one of the very few ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Establishments.  At the time of this writing, High Octane Automotive is one of only 148 in the entire state of California out of 10’s of 1,000’s of shops statewide. We are striving to make auto repair as convenient as ordering pizza.  Just schedule a day for service on your vehicle and drive it to work that day (or stay home).  We’ll send out a team to pick up the car, bring it back here to the shop, then service it.  Once it’s completed we’ll drop it back off, and bring our invoice with us for payment.  This is very convenient, since you’re going to work anyway, and the car’s usually just sitting there in the parking lot all day.  This way, your repairs and maintenance can be completed with very little inconvenience to you.

High Octane Automotive provides full service auto repair for foreign and domestic cars, SUV’s and light trucks in Winnetka, CA..  Our auto repair shop near Winnetka, CA with our highly qualified automotive technicians, broad range of repair equipment and resources, and experience can provide just about every automotive repair or maintenance you may need.

High Octane Automotive provides the full gamut of auto repair and maintenance services. Please view the following pages to learn more about the specific auto repair and maintenance services we provide to Northridge and surrounding areas.

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  • Extended Warranty Service
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Setup Bass Face car audio system

Bass significantly increase overall quality of sound but we know most cars have not bass face audio system that’s why we setup manually but if cars have stock bass face audio systems that come by default from the assembly line. These systems can be good. Mainly two reasons if the current system has not proper hardware or bass face audio setup is not proper or complete. If this problem then it is better to choose right Bass Face car audio setup.

If you know how to setup Bass Face car audio then you do setup yourself. Through this way you can save your time and money. But at a setup time be careful and remember that not do any mistake. Before setup If possible then first note or remember each step how to setup Bass Face car audio?

setup Bass Face car audio by follow this step:

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Use a wrench or pliers to loosen the negative and positive battery cables.
  • Move the negative battery cable away from the battery terminal to prevent shorting the car’s electrical system and connected components.
  • Remove the positive battery cable and place the amplifier ring terminal onto the positive battery post. Return the positive battery cable to the positive battery post and tighten the cable to the battery with the wrench or pliers.
  • Connect the amp wiring kit power supply cable to the ring terminal. Remove the fuse from the car until the installation is complete.
  • Use an already established path to the inside the car or create a new one with a drill and 14 mm drill bit. Place a rubber grommet into the new opening in the firewall to protect the cable.
  • Remove the car stereo. Consult the car repair manual for exact instructions. Disconnect the stereo wiring and antenna cable from the back of the stock unit.
  • Pull the bass audio system and antenna cable from the back of the dock.
  • Plug the stereo wiring connectors into the leads of a wiring harness adapter. Plug patch cables into the leads of the adapter and feed them through the back of the stereo dock and down to the floor of the car.
  • Plug the wiring harness adapter leads, antenna cable and then connect the adapter to the antenna outlet.
  • Return to the car’s engine compartment. Place the negative battery cable back onto the negative battery post and tighten the cable to the terminal with a wrench.
  • Replace the fuse into the ring terminal fuse holder. Close the hood.

Tips to Before Buying A Car

Buying a new car entails too much money. Therefore, you should spend your time in identifying the car that suits your needs. It is never a good idea to take a hasty decision while buying a car. You can get a good car if you consider certain things before buying your car.

Know Your Needs:

First of all, you should analyze your needs properly. You should make a rough plan of what you are willing to spend on the EMI of your car loan or lease. Moreover, you will need to arrange for some amount of money that you will be paying upfront. Some car loan companies require 10 to 20 percent down payment, so be ready with the required amount of money.

After you have decided on your budget, you need to decide which type of car you want. Are you going to buy a family car or a utility vehicle? Will a sedan be sufficient for your needs or you need a minivan or an SUV? Is a 2WD vehicle sufficient for you or you need a 4WD? Do you need any particular features in your car? Answering these questions will enable you to get the right vehicle for you.

Select A Car Model:

Now that you know your needs, you need to choose a car brand that fulfills all of your needs. Internet can help you look for the information on different brands of cars. You can check out dealers’ websites and look for the information regarding price, car loans and other deals on various cars. Do not approach any dealership unless you have all the information.

Get All the Information:

Find out all the details of your chosen car from your dealer. Inquire about every aspect of the car before signing a contract with the dealer.

Choosing A Car Dealer:

After gathering your information about car, you are ready to pick a car dealer. Choose a dealer that has a good reputation in the market. Your friends and family can also help you with this. If you are satisfied with the reputation of a particular dealer, then contact their sale’s rep and book a meeting.

Buy A Car:

Finally, you can sign a deal after clearing all your doubts. However, you can negotiate the terms and conditions of the deal at this time. For instance, you can get some extra features or discounts on insurance at the specified price of the car. Your negotiation skills can help you save some money. After you reach an agreement with the dealer, it’s time to sign a contract.